Glass Sword-Part 1 (Red Queen Series)

August 15, 2018

M+K join the Scarlet Guard in the hunt for newbloods, but secretly find themselves missing the bad guys. Plus, The Genetics of Silver Blood Super Powers; How to Land a Plane and Not Kill Everyone On Board; Is That a Nectarine or a Hand Grenade?; And Audacious Prison Breakouts.


Red Queen-Part 2 (Red Queen Series)

August 8, 2018

M+K take a quiz to discover their silver superpowers and discuss the two major plot twists that they (kind of) saw coming. Plus, When Good Princes Go Bad; Going Undercover with Nellie Bly; How to Detect 200 Lies Per Day; and The Character Names We Love to Hate.


Red Queen-Part 1 (Red Queen Series)

August 1, 2018

This week, the sun rises on a brand new series, whisking M+K away to a world of Reds, Silvers, and super powers. Plus, M Spoils the Entire Series for Herself; Meeting Your Idols in Compromising Places; Cruel Yet Creative Criminal Sentences; And Bizarre Beauty Pageants Inspired by the Queenstrial.


Smoke in the Sun-Part 2 (Flame in the Mist Series)

July 18, 2018

M+K say sayonara to feudal Japan and make a list of all the loose ends that never got tied up. Plus, Say Yes to the 40 Pound Japanese Wedding Dress; Coats of Arms for Illegitimate Royal Children; Our First Fan Name Fail; and The Attack of the 20,000 Concubines.


Smoke in the Sun-Part 1 (Flame in the Mist Series)

July 11, 2018

Back at the imperial palace, M+K trade in their katanas for kimonos and try to make sense of all the political intrigues at court. Plus, Night Demons, Memory Snatching, and Other Murky Magic Stuff; Milestone Markers for Your Five-Year-Old Samurai; The Way of the Not-So-Honorable Warrior; and What a Nightingale Floor Really Sounds Like.


Flame in the Mist-Part 2 (Flame in the Mist Series)

July 4, 2018

After an unexpected poisoning and a totally expected identity swap, M+K can’t be sure where anyone’s loyalties lie. Plus, A Surprise Gender Reveal Party; Tea Service With a Side of Judgement; Love Serving Love: Royal Romance at a Tennis Match; and Women Who Went to War Disguised as Dudes. 


Flame in the Mist-Part 1 (Flame in the Mist Series)

June 27, 2018

Cut your hair, bind your boobs, and join M+K as they don men’s clothing and infiltrate enemy lines in this new fantasy series inspired by the legend of Mulan. Plus, “I’ll Make an IB Kid Out of You”; How to Hide Your Tracks So You Can Disappear Forever; Choose Your Friends Carefully When Committing Seppuku; and Our First-Ever Surprise Guest.


The Fates Divide-Part 2 (The Carve the Mark Series)

June 13, 2018

M+K foretell each other’s fates, find their unique current gifts, and confess how they really feel about the series. Plus, K Becomes BFFs with a Mystery Author; M Gets a Totally Crap Current Gift; Stay Alive by Remembering the Acronym We Forgot; and Eating Ice Cubes of Horse Blood in the Coldest City on Earth. 


The Fates Divide-Part 1 (The Carve the Mark Series)

June 6, 2018

M+K realize nothing is as it seems in this world where fates are fulfilled, identities are swapped, and the vegetation is straight up trying to kill you. Plus, K Gets Medically Modified to Become a Pro-Golfer; True Tales of Babies Switched at Birth; Blood-Spurting Lizards Vs. Needle-Shooting Cacti; and The Plant That Will Make You Vomit in Total Agony.


Carve the Mark-Part 2 (The Carve the Mark Series)

May 30, 2018

M+K sojourn to a new planet and uncover the true meaning behind the title of the series. Plus, Countess Pebbles, Princess Poodle, and Other Royal Wedding Guest Names; K Predicts a Crucial Plot Twist and Blows M’s Mind; Say “Booby!” At the Coliseum; and Cloud Seeding Conspiracy Theories.