The Rose Society-Part 1 (A Young Elites Novel)

May 24, 2017

M+K meet up for their first face-to-face recording and analyze the ever-changing relationships, alliances, and motivations of the growing cast of young elites. Plus, Mother's Day Parenting Advice: Don't Sell Your Children; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Japanese Courtesans; Learning to Waltz Like a Willow Tree; and The Rose Society Pledges to Break All Their Promises.


The Young Elites-Part 2 (A Young Elites Novel)

May 17, 2017

M+K are thrown for a loop by the death of a major character. Plus, Adelenzo: The Deeply Dysfunctional Power Couple; Urine Baths, Shaved Chickens, and Other Plague Cures That Didn't Work; A Sidebar of Really Weird Nursery Rhymes; and K's Second Favorite Muffin Joke. 


The Young Elites-Part 1 (A Young Elites Novel)

May 9, 2017

This week M+K dig into a darker tale told from the villain's point of view. Plus, K's New Puppy Makes His Podcast Debut; What a Day, What a Day for an Auto-De-Fé; Why Flying is an Overrated Superpower; and The Most Dangerous One-and-a-Half Minutes in Sports.


Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles)

April 30, 2017

In this final segment M+K discuss the new Lunar Chronicles graphic novel then turn the mirror on Levana's past and get the back story they've been waiting for. Plus, M+K Become Certified Lunartics; Queen Channary's Reign of Terror; Iko's Boyfriend is a Total Jerk-Face; and Little, Adorable, French-Speaking Wolf Babies.


Stars Above (The Lunar Chronicles)

April 25, 2017

In this collection of short stories M+K get a glimpse of the Rampion Rangers as children, and learn how the adventure began. Plus, Alexa You Evil, Eavesdropping Android; This Little Mermaid Story Will Ruin Your Day; A Classic Case of First-Child Syndrome; and M Finally Gets Her Happy Epilogue.


Winter-Part 2 (The Lunar Chronicles)

April 17, 2017

And they all lived happily ever after! M+K finish up their first quadrology and marvel at the fact that (almost) all of their fictional friends survive the final showdown. Plus, The Russian Hunger Games Is a Real Thing and You Can Be a Sponsor; The Original Seven Dwarves' Names You've Never Heard Of; If You Don't Succeed at Murder, Try, Try Again; and Emperor Kai, You May Now Stab Your Bride.


Winter-Part 1 (The Lunar Chronicles)

April 9, 2017

M+K get to the heart of the Snow White fairy tale and discover the real girl who inspired the sadistic story. Plus, Vampire Facials-The New Beauty Trend You Should Not Be Trying; Beware The Bodice-Lace Salesman; Necrophilia and Prince Not-So-Charming; and The Worst Proposal We've Ever Heard.


Cress-Part 2 (The Lunar Chronicles)

March 26, 2017

This week, M struggles with geometry, K brings wine to the party, and both girls generally fail at staying on topic. Plus, Quadrologies Are The New Trilogies; Why Do We Always Talk About Torture?; The Most Courteous Paintball Player Of All Time; and Our Dream Of Becoming Detectives Comes True.


Cress-Part 1 (The Lunar Chronicles)

March 19, 2017

M+K untangle the nonsensical story of Rapunzel, and K confesses her deepening crush on Carswell Thorne. Plus, A Brief History of Ladies Locked in Towers; Thorns, Straws, and Other Eyeball Hazards; An Unexpected Fairy Godmother; and Inappropriate Bathroom Behavior.


Scarlet-Part 2 (The Lunar Chronicles)

March 11, 2017

M+K finish up Scarlet, try to understand the Lunar gift hierarchy, and make some predictions about what's to come. Plus, The Perils of Podcasting When Mercury's in Retrograde; Levana and the Long Con; I Know We're Not Supposed to Talk About Harry Potter, BUT...; and The Ragtag Rampion Rangers.