A Gathering of Shadows-Part 2 (The Shades of Magic Series)

December 6, 2017
A brutal cliffhanger leaves M+K desperate to pick up the final book in the series. Plus, Fan Fiction Ideas That No One Would Read; K’s Google Search Gets Flagged by the FBI; Nerding Out With Dungeons and Dragons; and The Only Olympic Event We Could Ever Win.

A Gathering of Shadows-Part 1 (The Shades of Magic Series)

November 29, 2017

M+K take to the high seas where they learn the difference between a pirate and a privateer and speculate endlessly about the upcoming Essen Tasch. Plus, Bananas, Redheads, and Other Weird Sailor Superstitions; Ghost Ships and Phantom Crews; If You’re Listening From a Sinking Ship Skip to Minute 34; and Giving Thanks For Our Friendship, Our Followers, YA Fiction, and TSwift. 


A Darker Shade of Magic-Part 2 (The Shades of Magic Series)

November 22, 2017

The Danes are defeated, Vitari is vanquished, and M+K find themselves in the middle of a story with no villain. Plus, K Finds a Real Binding Spell on the Internet; The Parallel Versions of M and K We Never Want to Meet; Astrid-Inspired Buildings Made of Bones; and Cancel the Masquerade, the King's on Fire.


A Darker Shade of Magic-Part 1 (The Shades of Magic Series)

November 15, 2017

M+K travel through the parallel worlds of Gray London, Red London, White London, and Black London, meeting a host of colorful characters along the way. Plus, The Real-Life Female Pirate Lila Would Have Loved; Antari Eyeball Tattoos; Would You Eat a McFlurry From a Parallel Universe?; and Proving the Existence of Alternate Realities with The Berenstain Bears. 


Super Fan Sunday with Lauren

November 5, 2017

Lauren from Minnesota talks about The Young Elites (and specifically her love for Maggiano) in our latest Super Fan Sunday episode. Plus, The Unofficial Lunchtime Book Club; A Memorable Meet and Greet with Marie Lu; The Young Elite Scene We’d Love to Star In; and Give Me ALL the Super Powers, Please.


Crooked Kingdom-Part 2 (The Six of Crows Series)

November 1, 2017

It’s a roller coaster of emotions this week as M+K cope with an unexpected death and celebrate a touching family reunion. Can they keep it together long enough to come up with a fan name? Plus, A Handful of Mourners and One Funeral; Too Soon For a Nina-Nikolai Ship?; How to Live 205 Days on a Tightrope; and Shadow Sisters and Doppelgänger Dogs.


Crooked Kingdom-Part 1 (The Six of Crows Series)

October 25, 2017

Halloween is around the corner, and two characters’ backstories lead our discussion down a dark path. Plus, A Host of Deadly Poisons (and One Unpoisonable Man); M Goes Behind the Walls of Bedlam; The Doctor Deemed Crazy for Washing His Hands; and The Fingernail Man, and Other Monsters Under Your Bed. 


Six of Crows-Part 2 (The Six of Crows Series)

October 18, 2017

M+K regroup with the Dregs after they pull off a semi-successful mission with some unforeseen consequences. Plus, Learning About Dyslexia With a Little Help From Mom; K Gives a Lesson On How to Pick Pockets; A 500 Million Dollar Art Museum Heist; and The Great Card Counting Debate.


Six of Crows-Part 1 (The Six of Crows Series)

October 11, 2017

In this new series, M+K get their hands dirty with a band of unlikely thieves featuring a card player who can't read faces, a nerd with hidden depths, a witch with a hunger for cake, a witch hunter with a thirst for revenge, a deadly acrobat, and a masterful dealer of secrets. Plus, K Says Yes to Her Personal Pirate-Prince; Jurda Parem- Not Even Once; Real Crows Carry a Mean Grudge; and Moats, Murder Holes, and Other Castle Defenses.


Super Fan Sunday with Meredith

October 1, 2017

For our first "official" Super Fan Sunday, M’s sister Meredith shares her thoughts on The Lunar Chronicles. Plus, Getting to Know Katie (AKA Cornbread Casserole); The Game of Thrones Comparison We’ve All Been Waiting For; Our Top Choice for Cyborg Super Power; and Kai’s Hair Sparks Some Strong Feelings.