Vengeful-Part 2 (Villains Duology)

February 6, 2019

M+K say "so long" to all their favorite super villains and rate their satisfaction with the ending of the series. Plus, A Creepy Chi Omega Ted Bundy Connection; Warm Up in Antarctica to Escape the Polar Vortex; K Goes Behind Bars in the Name of Research; and The Marvels of Mirror-Touch Synesthesia.


Vengeful-Part 1 (Villains Duology)

January 30, 2019

M+K fast-forward five years, meeting a whole new cast of super-power-wielding super villains. Plus, Eli’s Doctor Visit Goes Unexpectedly Dark; Horoscopes, Bigfoot, and Other Pseudosciences We (Sort Of) Believe In; All the Sad Sidekicks That History Forgot; and M Finally Guesses a Joke Punchline. 


Vicious-Part 2 (Villains Duology)

January 23, 2019

The showdown of Victor vs. Eli comes to a head, resulting in a number of surprising casualties. Plus, M Admits K Was Right About Eli All Along; Everything You Need To Do (And Not Do) If You Find a Dead Body; The Dumbest Criminals of All Time; And M Teaches Proper Bank Robbing Procedure.


Vicious-Part 1 (Villains Duology)

January 16, 2019

In this new series M+K find themselves immersed in a book made up entirely of bad guys. Plus, The ExtraOrdinary Vicious Origin Story; A Collection of Near Death Experiences; The Pains of Being Pain Free; and A Super Hero Dad Joke. 


Season 2 Bloopers Reel

January 9, 2019

It's our very first bloopers reel! This week, M+K take you behind the scenes to share all the struggles that go into making a podcast. Plus, Incoming Call From Lord Grantham; Uhhh What Series Are We Reading Again?; Our Favorite Awkward Sign Offs; and So. Much. Dog. Barking.


Season 2 Recap

January 1, 2019

M+K say so long to the second season of their show and discuss what they liked best and least about all 10,620 pages they read this year. Plus, Marie Lu Queen of World Building; J and K's Psychic Couple's Reading; An Overwhelming Christmas Train Experience; and Our Most Anticipated Book of 2019.


The Raven King-Part 2 (The Raven Cycle)

December 30, 2018

M+K say farewell to the Raven Boys and their last series of the year. Plus, The Quest is Completed, the Journey is Over, and Blue’s Dad is Still Stuck in a Tree; Unfairly Hating on Henry; The Strangest Things Ever Sold at Auctions; And a Last Ditch Effort to Learn Everything We Can About Owen Glendower. 


The Raven King-Part 1 (The Raven Cycle)

December 19, 2018

M+K cope with the consequences of waking the third sleeper that they were never supposed to wake in the first place. Plus, Rumors of a Ravens Cycle TV Series; The Ronan and Adam Ship We Didn’t See Coming; Foretelling Doom with a Mischief of Magpies; and What Really Happens When You Fall Into an Acid Lake. 


Blue Lily, Lily Blue-Part 2 (The Raven Cycle)

December 12, 2018

M+K and the Fabulous Five continue their quest for Glendower, and unearth a hilarious new character. Plus, Are You Eating Mayonnaise or Hair Conditioner?; Don’t Get Distracted by Skeleton Animals; A Quick Cleansing Ritual For When You’ve Been Cursed; and M Digs Into the History of Grave Robbing.


Blue Lily Lilly Blue-Part 1 (The Raven Cycle)

December 5, 2018

Noah’s getting ghostier, Ronan’s getting dreamier, and M+K just want to get inside the Dittley cave. Plus, The Curse of the Crying Boy Painting; A Chair That Kills Everyone Who Sits On It; The Most Helpful Pooches on the Planet; and Our Favorite Rendition of The Murder Squash Song.